Last night Lyle was at dancing for the first time in a while. He was all excited because, he told me, he had been “recognized.” He was dancing with his girlfriend, a lovely young woman with very curly dark hair and glasses, at one of the ballroom classes he’s been taking lately. Someone came up to them and asked if they were one of the couples who had been dancing at an outdoor event in Tipp City this summer. The funny thing was, Lyle had been dancing at that event, but the girl he had been dancing with was me. Beyond the curly hair and the glasses, his girlfriend and I really don’t look very much alike. So apparently Lyle is a more memorable dancer than his partners!

I have a new phone, a Sony Juke. It also plays music. I keep wanting to call it an mp3 player, but it doesn’t play mp3s, it plays windows media files. I love it, partly because it’s loud. I haven’t had music in my car since the radio caught on fire (yeah, you read that right – I’ll have to tell that story sometime) a while ago. Although there’s something to be said for having one place in the world where I’m not continually being bombarded with media, I really missed my music. The car had been one of the main places where I listened to it. Until I could get the money to have the wiring redone (and my car is so ghetto I’m not sure that it’s worth the investment), my car remained a music-free zone. However, this lovely little music player is loud enough that I can turn the sound up all the way, stick it on the seat next to me, and hear my tunes just fine. It’s a wonderful thing.

I would write more, but I’m trying to get out the door to go to PittStop 7, the Lindy Exchange in Pittsburgh. I haven’t gone to many all weekend dancing events like this, so I’m very excited. Plus, I’ll get to see Luke, one of my favorite guys in the world. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

So last night I had this, “Damn, I’m good!” moment (I was going to write “Dang” but then I decided that the moment was fully worth the swear word). This is what happened: This semester I’m taking a class on Thomas Aquinas (the Big Bad Boy of Catholic theology), and on Tuesday I gave a presentation on part of the Summa (Aquinas’s master work). It went rather well, and I was excited about it. Last night while I was dancing with Pierce he asked me how my week had been. I told him about my presentation. He asked more. I told him more. By the time we were done I had explained all of Part I, Question 105, Article 4 of the Summa Theologica (“Whether God can move the created will?”), complete with Objections, Respondeo, and Answers to the Objections. All of this while doing Lindy and neither missing a step nor failing to follow a single move. Also wrapping it up before the song was done. And I’m pretty sure Pierce understood it.

I can’t believe I did that.

Damn, I’m good!

Of course, having done something like this, I then had to find someone who could fully appreciate my Mighty Deed. This would require a fellow theologian who can dance. There are none that I know of, but I couldn’t wait until I saw Justin tonight so I could tell him all about it.

Also last night, for the first time my dancing was praised by another dancer. I don’t mean that I haven’t gotten compliments before. There’s always the cute little old people who come out for the live swing bands in the summer and just love watching the swing dancers, or beginners who don’t know what good dancing looks like yet. It has been fun watching the number of leads who want to dance with me increase, and I’ve gotten admiring looks or words of praise for individual cool moves. Dancers whose opinions I trust have told me that I’ve improved a lot in different areas. Still, I’ve never felt like my dancing was of a quality that another dancer would get pleasure from watching me. Last night I danced some Westie with Trey, and later Lyle couldn’t get over how amazing the two of us had been. He was in awe at our musicality, the moves we had done, and the way we had mirrored one another: “There was this move right at the beginning that was like a sugar push, but not! And then you both kicked your foot out to the side at exactly the same moment! It was so awesome! I just love watching you two!” It was a little humbling, especially since I didn’t remember doing some of the moves that so impressed him. I’m sure I did them, but, well, for me it had been just another dance with a better than average lead.

Maybe I’m better at this than I think I am.