So Stuart over at Tears of A Clown just posted the beginnings of a list of things to be cheerful about, and invited others to contribute. You know me – I just couldn’t resist. This is what I posted in response:

A is for applesauce – tasty every time
B is for badgers – just go watch the toon
C is for coffee – without which the world would not go ’round
D is for dandelions – yes, they’re pests, but the bright yellow flowers look cheerful, plus there’s the puffy seed heads that can provide hours of enjoyment
E is for elephants – they’re just fun
F is for facebook – so sue me, it’s more fun all the time
G is for gardens – no explanation necessary
H is for horseradish – indispensable for roast beef sandwiches
I is for ice cream – especially since it’s summer
J is for Jell-O – you know you love it. Plus, it jiggles!
K is for kites – go fly one today and you’ll feel all better
L is for lemon juice – sparking up the taste of so many foods
M is for movies – especially at the drive-in on starry summer nights
N is for newborn babies – see?
O is for Oompa Loompas – what?
P is for pickles – also tasty, and nearly calorie free
Q is for quilts – snuggly on chill summer nights
R is for radishes – they’re so pretty with their clear red and white, with the lush green tops. It’s almost a shame to eat them. Almost.
S is for sunflowers – especially the big, comical ones that grow taller than people
T is for tea – comforting, no matter when you drink it
U is for umbrellas – especially the ridiculous one my sister got me, a large black thing with big red fabric roses appliquéd all along the edge
V is for velcro – so useful
W is for walruses – seriously, how can you look at a walrus and not laugh?
X is for xylophones – the traditional answer
Y is for yo yo’s – especially the ones that light up when you throw them
Z is for zebra butterflies – because zebras are silly enough in themselves, but take that black & white pattern, and apply it to a butterfly’s wings? Even more wonderful!