This is how dancing-obsessed and deliberately non political* I am.  On my wordpress dashboard under the list of fast growing blogs was one called TeaParty07.  I immediately got all excited.  “Boston Tea Party has its own blog?!” I thought, “how cool is that?”  So I clicked and, no.  It is not a blog for Boston Tea Party, the four days of intense swing dancing that is the highlight of my swing dancing year (and online registration opened yesterday!).  It has nothing to do with dancing at all.  It’s some political thing having to do with fundraising for elections or something.  I’m not sure what side it’s for, or who it’s supporting.  The instant I realized it wasn’t dancing related I got out of there.  Sigh.

Lesson learned: sometimes it’s not about dancing.

*I’m deeply grateful for free elections, trial by jury, the bill of rights, etc.  I’ll cheerfully go for jury duty every time.  I’ve worked the polls.  I see it as part of your civic duty, the price you pay for enjoying said rights.  However, I am not interested in hearing about this stuff all the time.  Politics shouldn’t be a soap opera, and I have no interest in following it as if it were.