Trey claims that I kissed him when we were dancing Wednesday night. This is not my recollection of the incident. This is what I say happened: we were dancing to a pretty fast song. Trey led me in a series of very fast spins – I think a triple going one way, and then a double in the opposite direction. While it is a tribute to how far I’ve come that he was able to lead me in this at all, it also shows me how much I have to work on. Cuz somewhere right about the second reverse spin my feet were no longer underneath my body and I started to go over. I reached for Trey to save myself, and realized quickly as my momentum shifted in his direction that my head was on a collision course with his. I could almost feel the sickening smack of skull impacting skull. Somehow I wrenched my head back marginally, regained my balance, and the next second had been spun out again.

Trey looked at me down the length of our arms and asked, “Did you just kiss my face?”

I, still feeling the adrenaline rush of danger narrowly averted, looked at him in bewilderment. How could he have not realized what had just happened, how close we had both come to having concussions? I could only make incoherent noises before he was leading me in a side-pass, laughing at me as I went by. I tried to find a way to smack him somewhere in the next few eight-counts, but, well, he’s a good lead, and he didn’t give me the opportunity.

I’m never going to hear the end of this.

Dang it, if I were going to kiss a boy, he wouldn’t be asking whether or not he just got kissed!