Have I mentioned before how much I utterly adore dancing Westie? Well, I do.  I got back late last night from a weekend workshop in Cincinnati taught by Mary Ann Nunez.  It was wonderful.  I finally got some bits of the basics that I’ve been missing out on.  For the first time I think I look like a Westie dancer.  I had been very frustrated on Friday night. I go to these workshops and learn things, but they don’t stick because I don’t get to practice them.  Trey is the main guy in Dayton who leads Westie, and he doesn’t dance Westie with me.  He dances other things with me, but not Westie.  Then on Saturday night I met a guy who lives in Kettering and leads Westie.  And doesn’t have a partner.  And goes to the dances in Indianapolis twice a month.  And would be happy to take me with him.  Hurrah!  There is hope for me as a Westie dancer yet!

The other cool thing is that Mary Ann liked me.  It was a smaller workshop than the Jordan & Tat one, so it was easier to get individual attention.  When it came time for the crit session, we had some free time at the end.  She asked, “Would anyone else like to get critiqued?” staring hard at me the whole time.  I would have, but I didn’t have a lead I felt comfortable dancing with.  There was only one guy there that I’d danced with outside of class, and I don’t like the way he leads (he managed to yank my shoulder on a double hand inside turn during class).  I did go up to her afterwards and ask her for advice on competing in Jack & Jills.  I’m going to compete for the very first time next weekend.  She’s a champion of these, and I knew she could give me more than, “Just have fun.” and “Don’t expect to win.” which is what I’ve gotten from the other people I talked to.  She was really great, and gave me some good things to think about.  Later during the dance, I was grooving it out with Niobe on the sidelines, and I noticed that she was watching us intently with a huge smile on her face, the one time I saw her taking so much pleasure in someone else’s dancing all evening.  It made me feel so good.

I must add that my roommates also managed to have an exciting weekend.  Anjali is back from her stint shadowing a doctor in New Lebanon (she’s pre-med), and Liv got roach-killer in her eyes trying to spray it at a fly that was in the kitchen.  So they ended up rushing to the ER.  Neither one of them drives, so they calling my sister, who came and took them.  Liv’s eyes are fine, and Anjali may recover from the excitement in a few days.  Maybe.