Bernadette’s Quote Book:
Dr. Cart: (speaking about my big huge paper): “You did a great job.  I love it!” and “This looks publishable to me.”

Have I mentioned that I love my Professor lately?  Well, I do.  🙂

It’s funny – so far I haven’t been able to hold on to a single copy of my paper.  I print out one or two, thinking that I’ll give one away and have one to keep for myself.  Then I end up giving all of them away.  Sooner or later I’ve got to actually hang on to one, even just to have something to write my edits on.

I am having a quiet day today.  I’ve been having trouble breathing for a little while now.  I had a bad attack about two Wednesdays ago (dancing to a really fast song with Mikky), and my regular asthma meds just haven’t been able to keep things under control ever since.  It’s been gradually getting worse and worse.  Yesterday, every time I climbed the steps to my attic I had to stop and breathe a little while, and sometimes take my rescue inhaler.  Today on the way to school I called for an appointment with my Hero Doctor.  He dosed me up with Prednisone, and told me to go home and sit still in the air conditioning.  So I’m doing that.  It’s not as hard to keep still as you’d think.  I got up a little while ago just to go to the bathroom, and my chest still hurts.  However, it won’t be time to take another dose of my inhaler for another hour or so.  All the steroids are making me kinda loopy anyway.  So I’ll just be quiet here a while.

Today I will breathe.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.