I’m taking Theological German this summer (the first time I’ve ever taken a language that’s actually still being spoken).  It’s only been a week, but already there have been some interesting moments.  There’s a Fraulein Meijer who has a thing for her mailman (he seems to rather have a thing for her too – she has him wrapped around “ein klein Finger” – her little finger).  There also have been several quotable quotes.  So without further ado, I present for your delectation:

Bernadette’s Quote Book:
Prof. Chick:
“Everybody knows someone by the name of Heidi.” (somehow I have escaped this…) and “This list is incomplete and has some inaccuracies.”  (Always lovely to hear a professor say that…)
But the best is from Prof. Lichen: (describing how to pronounce the word böse) “You pucker up like you’re gonna kiss somebody, but don’t let your tongue slide to the back of your mouth.”

I gotta tell ya, friends, there’s nothing like sitting around a table with a bunch of theology grad students, all snickering at the same thing and not looking at each other.  There’s some things that are the same, no matter what you’re studying. 

One of the other interesting things in that class is how outnumbered the girls are.  It’s at least 2 guys to every girl, and of those I think I’m the only woman under 40.  This is in contrast to the guys, all but one of whom are in their 20s or early 30s.  Someone once told me that theology, particularly Roman Catholic theology, is one of the last Old Boy’s Clubs left in our world, which is even more interesting since most of them are Celibate Old Boys.  Although I think that’s changing.  None of the guys in my class, to my knowledge, are entering the priesthood, although one or maybe two have been in the seminary at one point or another.  Three of the guys are married, and another will be at the end of June.  It’s going to be very interesting seeing how theology will change over the next fifty years.  Still, I think I’d better get used to being surrounded by testosterone!